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On the right is an example of a Nervex Professional lug as modified by the builders, Hawkes of London. The front of the lugs have neither the telltale ‘fishtail’ nor the ‘horns’. The lug has been carefully re-profiled to produce a simple curve. In the late 40s and early 50s most British framebuilders relied upon cast lugs with which to build their frames. As the European economy picked up after WWII supplies of more modern lugs started to be imported, most of which were made from precision pressings of mild steel plate by a process called “emboutissage”. It is only in the last ten years that I have actually bought some of these crowns as NOS, and so I have no idea how much they cost originally. My own theory about their lack of popularity is that the crown was an early pressed model made by Franco-Suisse, to match up with the head lugs of the Pro MkI lugset, that also had two short spikey prongs. Whether or not what is now referred to as the Nervex Pro Mk I lugset was actually at the time known as the Franco-Suisse, I can only conjecture.

Lug Styles

Around the shape of the bikeframe is usually a diamond frame with angels of about 70 degrees. The process for making lugs in those days was forging. A white-hot piece of steel was hammered in a mould often by steam driven sledge hammers into a rough shape. This rough part was machined by lathes and milling machines FIG.

Reynolds D.B. frame with Campagnolo ends and Nervex Lugs. page: https​://

It is unclear exactly when Claud started making bicycles. Some say it was in from his garden shed, but Claud was involved in the cycle trade and cycle racing before We do know that Claud opened his first shop, in Battersea London, in and calls his Silver Jubilee Year cf Catalogue cover. Delivery is days. Claud was soon a main cycle trade figure and had 5 branches, 4 in London, by Dec The range would have been showcased at Olympia in Dec

Köthke Champion Special Bahnrad

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Schwinn Paramount head tube showing Nervex lugs and Campagnolo headset. The Schwinn Paramount was a high-end racing bicycle produced under the Schwinn Bicycle As a result, Schwinns became increasingly dated in both styling and technology. By , the Paramount series, once a premier racing bicycle, had.

Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Quick links. Dating Holdsworth -fancy lugs Nervex Copies? Only number I can find is on Fork steerer which is “” It is a touring geometry frame, with Fancy lugs, that look like Nervex Pro, except seem to show some differences. Front of head-lugs has no fish-tail – a window instead, and no-reinforcing rim. Frame has long campag ends with mudguard eyes. Curved rear brake beidge suggests an older design?

I have shown frame to Cliff Shrubb, who said he didn’t think the lugs were Nervex but copies – he didn’t have any fixed ideas on date. Haven’t been able to find a nervex lug pattern that looks exactly liek it on any of the classic bike websites Of course it might not be a Holdsworth just one they resprayed, or a special they made.

Dating Nervex Lugs

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One of the first things I noticed about this bike was the ornate headtube lugs, which I They are not the more commonly found Nervex Professional lugs that were a Prestige is a later model (check rear of jockey wheels cage for date stamp).

They’re all fun to build but this one is at the top of the list. It was fun working with the vintage Nervex Professional lugs. They come in such rough condition and need so much love before being in a state where they won’t look crude after painting. I will never look at a PX or Paramount the same again. Finally finished the build. Built in Govan, Glasgow. Britainnia “All Rounder” quick-fit mudguards and Britannia Apex sprint pump.

Campagnolo umbrella pump clip. Campagnolo Gran Sport derailleur and headset. Binda toestraps, Campagnolo steel toeclips. Weinmann Scherens wood-insert sprint rims on FB hubs. Brooks-Campagnolo saddle and seatpost.

1974 Schwinn Paramount P-15 66 cm 26.2” center top

Italian Cut Seat Lug. Italian Cut Head Lug. Newvex Lugs on Waterford Series Artisan. Head tube shot of Series Artisan frame with stainless steel, full polish Newvex head lugs and English Blue metallic finish with white panels and silver strips. Waterford Custom Nuevo-Coco lugs. Head tube for Waterford Nuevo-Coco Custom Lug 60cm Frame, made of stainless steel with polished lugs and stays,

Nervex lugsST frame. Forks. MA40 wheels. Edco hubs. Stronglight crank​, Suntour mechanism. I’m suspecting mid 80’s. There’s a.

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Badged and in original finish as a Major Nichols the frame which carries stamped on the bottom bracket along the same axis as the downtube. This frame is a particularly important find if it was built by Major. It fits the build quality and component criteria and the aesthetic he developed.

Nervex Freddie Grubb – Frame Freddie Grubb Silver Star frame no. – /60 Renolds plain gauge, Nervex Lugs with Before and after shots.

From on, you may find a date stamp on the steering tube. From on, there may be a three or four digit date code near the frame size stamp under the bottom bracket. Send to Bob Hovey. BB Stamp, Steerer Date. Repainted in Ganna team colors, Chrome head lugs. Brooks saddle, Simplex read der. Chain guard, fenders, Campagnolo hubs. Scott Davis Special Pista. Riveted badges on head tube and seat tube. Possibly ridden by Franco Gandini.

File:Mercier with Nervex

Thank you, Peter, for an amazingly detailed and well-researched presentation of the Raleigh-Carlton families of bike brands and the amazing evolution of the bikes, the markets, and the companies involved. Were they early Raleigh or Carlton dealers? Hi Peter, Thank you for documenting a fascinating history that I was previously completely unaware of. Please keep up the good work!

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Gradually, over time, complex lug shapes, metal head badges, chroming, lug lining, pinstripping and contrasting frame paint panels all were reduced and then eliminated. This process can be seen in the Bertins of the s. The period was one of tremendous market growth in the early 70s and manufacturers simplified the product to speed production and increase profitability.

The process was most noticeable in the lower price points where margins were slimmest. There is no sharp distinction between late 60s and early s production. Sport and racing Bertins were usually found with the classic vertically stacked seat tube lettering and the foil World Championship stripes as seen in the photograph above. These stripes might also be found on the head tube wrapping around behind the usual Bertin foil headbadge except on smaller sizes.

Anybody have any thoughts on this bike?

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Cino Cinelli from La Gazzetta dello Sport dated May 3, The key to dating a Cinelli is the lugs (3 holes or no hole) and the bottom.

Moderators: ededwards , Elev12k , Tel , Jamiedyer. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 20 guests. Posted: Fri Jul 27, pm. Thanks to a chance conversation, I’ve just picked up a lovely Harry Quinn it was destined to a car-boot sale this weekend. Nervex lugs. MA40 wheels. Edco hubs. Stronglight crank, Suntour mechanism. I’m suspecting mid 80’s. There’s a serial number on he bottom relating to the Nervex, yet I can’t find anything relating to Quinn.

1960’s Schwinn Racer Vintage Bicycle Check – BikemanforU

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