Nazis Hit Christian Science for Refuting Race Doctrine


What virtually amounts to rabid anti-Semitic propaganda is being carried on by Augusta E. Stetson is carrying on an intensive anti-Jewish and anti-Catholic campaign with a view to the expulsion of the Jews and Catholics from America. Knowing this, I, Augusta E. Stetson, demand that the papal system and the anti-Christian element of Jewry, which seek to dominate and control the destiny of America, subvert its form of Christian government, and overthrow its sublime, Christian, Protestant idealism—I demand that these systems and all their adherents, be expelled from America forthwith, in order that America shall be governed by her Godordained form of Christian government, embodied in our American Constitution. This statement, made by Mrs. Stetson, who claims to be of Mayflower ancestry and of the Israelitish tribe of Mannasseh, is contained in a pamphlet circulated by her through the mails. Stetson and Franklin Ford are the directors, gave rise to this correspondence. The Jewish leader, who is not named in the published correspondence, wrote to Mrs. Stetson on January 10, as follows:.

‘I’m Your Huckleberry’: Val Kilmer’s candid take on Hollywood and healing

Christian Science n. The church and the religious system founded by Mary Baker Eddy, emphasizing healing through spiritual means as an important element of Christianity and teaching pure divine goodness as underlying all material reality. Also called Church of Christ, Scientist.

Early Christian Science historian William Lyman Johnson describes “the harrowing scenes of suffering she witnessed during this epidemic.” Former Christian.

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Christian Scientist

Christian Scientists thought our family life was harmonious. Most everyone else thought we were odd. About forty years after I left Christian Science, I found a group of people connected by the internet who had also given up the religion, some of whom had also had repercussions for months, even years after renouncing that belief system. I believe finding Christian Way was a God-ordained revelation for me. I wanted and needed to write down the facts about growing up in Christian Science as I remember them.

Even the Gospels came from differing viewpoints, but all are Truth.

Christian science carbon dating. And, instead, she went through this six christian of hell, and it just didn’t make any sense. And I became scientist from two.

Founded by Mary Baker Eddy , a New Englander of predominantly Calvinistic background, Christian Science emerged as a distinct phenomenon in American religious life during a period of both social and religious crisis. The dramatic conflict between science and faith, as witnessed in battles over Darwinism and critical biblical scholarship, was only the most obvious aspect of a developing breakdown in a Christian cosmology that pictured experience as split between a natural and a supernatural order.

Christian Science, however, rejected traditional cosmology and was therefore free to address religious issues in a way that was limited neither by creedal formulas nor by assumptions based on nineteenth-century natural science. Eddy from her earliest years showed a deep-seated longing for the divine that was broadly characteristic of the Christian tradition and especially prominent in Puritanism. She found it impossible, however, to reconcile her deepest religious feelings with the theology of a then decadent Calvinism.

Yet while other revolts against Calvinism, such as those of Unitarianism and Transcendentalism, led to an attenuation or even an abandonment of Christian convictions, Eddy’s Christianity was so deeply ingrained that she found it impossible to think of any ultimate answer to what she called the “problem of being” outside of a theistic, biblical context. In her own words, “From my very childhood, I was impelled, by a hunger and thirst after divine things — a desire for something higher and better than matter, and apart from it — to seek diligently for the knowledge of God as the one great and ever-present relief from human woe.

mary baker eddy

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related to Christian Science and the Bible including books, audio recordings, Visitors may browse the shelves and read editions dating back two centuries.

Ellis’s mother, then a little girl, moved from Iowa to South Dakota, and it was there that her family left the Methodist Church for Christian Science, a new denomination “discovered” by Eddy that emphasized the promise of spiritual healing. For most of the 20th century, the family’s relationship with Christian Science defined much of its journey. Katherine Ellis became a Christian Science practitioner, using prayer to help ailing members of her faith.

Bob Ellis for a time became a reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, the newspaper Eddy had founded near the end of her life. Mother and son lived by Eddy’s key work, “Science and Health. There were always doubts. James Ellis – Katherine’s husband and Bob’s father – had left the faith as a young man, and was actively hostile to it throughout his adult life. There were a few occasions when the family turned to medicine – Robert was delivered by a C-section, for example – but the family stuck with the faith through a string of tragedies, most notably the murder of James Ellis in But Bob had always had a fascination with technology – James was a failed inventor who became a carpet salesman – and when his mother was diagnosed with eye cancer, he took her for treatment to the Harvard cyclotron, a particle accelerator that at the time was being used to treat eye tumors.

Dying the Christian Science way: the horror of my father’s last days

We also have 11 different English translations of the Bible available for study, 8 translations of the Bible in languages other than English, and numerous Bible study materials. Whether you are looking for a small pocket paperback edition or a large print leather-bound edition, our Reading Room has what you need! Our Reading Room sells many of these books individually, and also published together in one convenient volume.

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Since its inception in , Daystar has gathered and preserved a wide range of historical items related to Christian Science and the Bible including books, audio recordings, periodicals, art, and artifacts. Visitors may browse the shelves and read editions dating back two centuries. Daystar collections include early editions of Mrs. Eddy, reminiscences prepared by those who knew her, and numerous books and other publications about her and the emergence of Christian Science in nineteenth-century America.

If you would like to donate items to our collection, contact us. Although a native Californian, Mrs. The Smaus collection includes schoolbooks Mary Baker would have used, published sermons written by the Congregational ministers she knew as a young girl, histories of the towns in New Hampshire where Mrs. Eddy and her family resided, and numerous books, magazines, and pamphlets relating to nineteenth-century New England.

Eddy lived briefly as a young wife , as well as background on Mrs. A series of Mrs. Glover III, is a highlight of the collection. Previous Next. Over four hundred hours of recordings relating to Christian Science history, including live lectures from as early as the mid-twentieth century, inspirational talks, educational presentations, oral history interviews, audio books, and music, have been digitally preserved and are available for listening on-site.

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Help please! I am a practicing Catholic. I married a Christian Scientist with consent of the Church. My wife’s “religion” was the only thing about.

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Christian Scientists Conduct Anti-jewish Propaganda Through Radio and Mail

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But Andrew Wantland was the child of Christian Scientists, and the children of the trial date is set for March 13), but records that have already been released.

Everyone in the year has experience living through a global pandemic. We have all seen first hand how the corona virus and the fear of covid have dominated the news and reshaped our lives. Our personal experiences living in the age of the corona virus might help us to put into context a long accepted claim by Mary Baker Eddy that her husband died as a result of a yellow fever epidemic.

Young Mary had only been married six months and was pregnant with their son when her husband George Glover died. Most biographies of Mrs. Eddy repeat her assertion that her first husband died of yellow fever. Glover endeavored to forward his business for a speedy departure; but he was himself suddenly stricken with the fever and survived but nine days. Glover, died of yellow fever in Wilmington, North Carolina in June There was an outbreak of yellow fever in Wilmington in , and then not another outbreak of yellow fever until the outbreak in that lasted for several months and killed hundreds of people in a city of less than 10, If there was a raging epidemic of yellow fever in which panicked the city, it did not produce enough of a panic to make it into the newspapers and histories of Wilmington.

A simple Google search of yellow fever in Wilmington will bring up a number of articles about the devastating outbreak of If you refine the Google search to include a search for yellow fever in Wilmington in you will either be taken to articles referencing the outbreak with omitted or you will be taken to stories about the death of George Glover. Yellow fever was certainly a highly feared disease at the time, and so the claim that her husband died of yellow fever amidst a panic-inducing outbreak was certainly a far more sensationalized story than the cause of death given for George Glover in all the newspapers at the time, bilious fever.

Bilious fever is associated with excessive bile in the blood stream, leading to jaundice, or a yellow skin tone.


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